TeachRequest tutors are the best in the field

If you’re an Ontario Certified Teacher in the Greater Toronto Area and have a passion for helping students learn, grow, and excel in academics, we’re hiring! Join our rapidly growing team in providing premium private tutoring services for K-12 students.

Why become a TeachRequest tutor?


You are fully empowered to determine the best way to teach based on the Ontario curriculum. You can test new technologies, methods, and materials to find the most effective way to help your individual students learn.


Tutoring with TeachRequest gives you the flexibility to tutor around your work, study, and family commitments. Enjoy a great work life balance and only tutor when you want to, all while earning a respectable supplemental income.​


We specialize in 1-on-1 tutoring. This dedicated, undivided time provides the opportunity to hone your teaching skills more effectively. You will also see your direct impact as your students flourish academically under your guidance!


We simplify the operational tasks of being a tutor, so you can focus on what you do best! Our tools are designed to minimize manual work, and we provide guidance on how to manage your tutoring work effectively.


We aspire to build a community for our tutors to exchange ideas and learn from each others' experiences, and thus improve education and student learning as a whole.


You are fully empowered to determine the best way to teach based on the Ontario curriculum. You can test new technologies, methods, and materials to find the most effective way to help your individual students learn.

How do I become a TeachRequest tutor?

Sign up

Sign up for free by clicking on the button below. We will collect your general and professional information, including your OCT registration number.

Get verified

Once you're signed up, you will go through a simple credential verification process and background check.

Complete profile

After you are approved, complete your profile by providing your availability, the subjects you teach, and any other information you'd like parents and students to know about you!

How do parents and students find me?


​When a parent makes a tutoring request for their child, TeachRequest uses our matching algorithms to match the student with an appropriate tutor based on a number of criteria, and set up the first tutoring session. ​​


Once matched, you will assess the student's learning needs and recommend a tutoring roadmap to the parent during your first session. Then a recurring appointment is set up based on availability, pace, and timeline, and all that is left is for you to teach and help your student succeed!

Frequently asked questions

TeachRequest welcomes any Ontario Certified Teachers (OCT) within the greater Toronto area in good standing to join us as tutors. For aspiring young teachers, we hope to provide the opportunity to hone their teaching skills and work towards a great teaching career, while not being constrained by time and expenses. For experienced teachers, we hope that one-on-one tutoring would provide more direct help to students that would otherwise be challenging in traditional classroom settings.

TeachRequest genuinely believes in our mission of improving education for the next generation of leaders, through providing teachers support who in turn can make learning experience more effective and enjoyable for students. Thus, we tend to think less about profits and more about the prosperity of teachers and students.

​For tutors, we strive to ensure that they are compensated fairly for the tremendous value they provide students after making a significant investment in their teaching career. Tutors are empowered to teach in their own styles and use their own methods tailored to each of their students’ needs.

For students and parents, we strive to ensure that our tutoring services are accessible to all students in need. We believe that the dedicated one-on-one nature of our service allows students to learn much more effectively.

Our hope is to help foster long-term tutoring relationships, which makes the journey much more engaging and rewarding for passionate educators and hard-working students and parents.

TeachRequest applies a matchmaking algorithm to identify potential tutors who are a good fit for an individual student based on numerous attributes including:

  • Grade qualifications
  • Subject qualifications
  • Location
  • Schedule
  • Special needs and requirements, if any
  • The school(s) where you regularly teach, to avoid tutoring students who might attend your teaching school 
When a tutor is matched with a student, they will be notified of the match, and can choose to accept or decline within a window of time. If accepted, the tutor and the student can proceed to an initial assessment, followed by their first official tutoring session!