TeachRequest was founded in Toronto by teaching and technology professionals, who are passionate about high quality, easily accessible education. Our mission is to address the gaps in the education system by providing individualized learning and teaching opportunities through connecting students and teachers for private tutoring.

For our tutors, we aim to provide an opportunity for career advancement and the ability to create individualized lesson plans, hone their teaching styles, and use technology and methods that may not be available in a traditional classroom setting. If you’re interested in becoming a tutor or exploring tutoring jobs in Toronto, TeachRequest offers rewarding tutor services and online tutoring jobs.

For our students and their parents, we aim to provide convenient access to highly qualified teachers in Toronto. Our private tutoring services are tailored to meet the unique needs of students, including tutoring for kids. With customized learning strategies and dedicated one-on-one tutoring time, our Certified teachers can make a dramatic difference in a student’s academic engagement and success.

Whether you’re seeking tutor services, looking for Toronto tutors, or interested in tutoring jobs, TeachRequest is your go-to platform. Join our educational community and discover the transformative power of on-one-on tutoring.


Wilfred Ng

Co-founder & CEO

As the co-founder of TeachRequest, Wilfred combines his passion for education with his background in performance engineering and project management. With a strong belief in the power of knowledge, Wilfred aims to empower parents, students, and teachers through accessible education. Outside of work, he enjoys new adventures and cultural exploration.


Anthony Wat

Co-founder & CTO

Anthony is a Toronto-based software architect with extensive experience in software development and a passion for knowledge sharing and open-source communities. He believes in empowering future leaders to tackle sustainability challenges and advocates for tailored education. Alongside co-founder Wilfred, Anthony created TeachRequest, an educational platform aimed at revolutionizing teaching methods.


Winnie Tuen Mo

Customer Engagement Manager

Winnie is a compassionate customer service specialist in Toronto. With experience as an employment and funeral counselor, she has honed her listening skills and believes in the power of empathy. Winnie finds fulfillment in supporting others and being part of their stories. She embraces life's adventures and is passionate about providing educational support through TeachRequest to help students reach their full potential.


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