"We were very pleased with TeachRequest and the tutoring from Johnston. 

Our goal was to provide Addy with a weekly resource that would alleviate the stress and anxiety around Science.  The opportunity for her to discuss, one-on-one any issues she was unsure of or just needed more clarification on was a huge help.  Addy regularly achieves marks in the mid to high 80’s so the tutoring was more of a “safety net”.  Johnston was great at reviewing and guiding Addy on a regular basis to make sure she felt confident. 

Turns out Addy got a 93 on the exam and ended the semester with a final mark of 92.  She was very pleased with her performance and the support from Johnston.  If you can pass that along to him I would appreciate it. 

Overall I would say the entire experience was incredibly positive.  Once we have Addy’s schedule for next year we will decide if we need additional tutoring support and be in touch if needed."


"I find the tutor communicates well with my daughter and my daughter likes her. The tutoring lesson starts at 4:45 pm and my daughter actually gets herself ready at 4:30 and waits for her tutor to come. The tutor also shares her thoughts with me and we communicate on a regular basis. I am happy with her."

M. Kaur

"My son is a slow-to-warm-up person and he hesitated to ask the tutor question during the first lesson. However, I find the tutor very professional and he finds his way to communicate with my son. My son started to open up and ask questions during the second lesson and I believe this is crucial in his learning. My son told me that the tutor is helpful and I believe the tutor can help my son to improve in math."

Gigi H.

"My daughter is really enjoying the sessions with the tutor. I would say we like that my daughter is learning things that seem more advanced than what she is currently learning at school, which is great! The tutor is very approachable and patient which really makes my daughter feel comfortable. "

Andrea O. Grade 2 French, Online

"Overall, we are very pleased and my son really enjoys his classes. The tutor is very engaging and makes sure that my son has fun learning new concepts by using topics that he knows my son would be interested in."

Sara L. Grade 5 English, Online

"It has been a pleasure having Mr. M as a teacher for my son. He listened to him and showed his appreciation for the big help as well as the parent. Your service is well-appreciated."

Shirley M. Grade 7 Math, In-person

"Dave has been fantastic. He was a really good fit for Alexandra. She has had a great experience with him."

Tara P. Grade 12 Calculus & Vectors, Online

"He loves his tutor. Really engaging. Well prepare each week."

Rhonda K. Grade 12 Biology, Online

"Thank you and your team for all the efforts to get her to this point. She especially appreciated her tutor’s help and how it impacted her results."

Bridgett D. Grade 12 Data Management, Online

"Our experience has been very positive. TeachRequest staff handled everything in a professional and timely manner. The tutor is a wonderful tutor and helped my daughter progress significantly in her learning."

Susan E. Grade 10 French, Online

"My daughter learned a lot from her tutor, we are appreciate the tutor and your support!"

Lillian T. Grade 12 Chemistry, Online