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TeachRequest has launched our new online tutoring service to support students learning at home amid COVID-19 pandemic. Please visit our new online tutoring page for details.

Unlock your child's bright future with a TeachRequest tutor

TeachRequest offers one-on-one private tutoring services from grade 1 to grade 12 students, with highly qualified Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT) educators in the Greater Toronto Area. Our tutoring model is simple, effective, and fully customizable. Through our individually tailored learning plans, our goal is to help your child succeed beyond academics, and tap into their full potential to become a leader of tomorrow!

Why choose TeachRequest?


Every TeachRequest tutor is an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT), who are among the best academically and most qualified in curriculum teaching.


We offer tutoring for grade 1 to grade 12 in all academic subjects, as well as special education and test preparation, providing the most comprehensive tutoring service in Ontario.


TeachRequest's personalized private tutoring model ensures a tailored experience for your child based on their individual skills, needs, and preferences.


We take care of all logistics for you! Configure your own scheduling and location preferences for you and your child's convenience. TeachRequest is also cashless, with all payments being automatically and securely transferred.


Your matched tutor will ensure that you are well-informed of your child's progress through your custom web portal. This will provide you with a big picture of your child's accomplishments, goals, and needs.


TeachRequest offers our Good Fit Guarantee to ensure that your child is matched with their perfect tutor right from the start. Our team is available whenever you have questions about your child’s tutor or lesson plan.

Hear from our happy parents and students!

"We were very pleased with TeachRequest and the tutoring from [our TeachRequest tutor]. Our goal was to provide [our daughter] with a weekly resource that would alleviate the stress and anxiety around Science. The opportunity for her to discuss, one-one-one any issues she was unsure of or just needed more clarification on was a huge help. Turns out [she] got a 93 on the exam and ended the semester with a final mark of 92. She was very pleased with her performance and the support from [the TeachRequest tutor].

Overall I would say the entire experience was incredibly positive. Thanks for everything."
- Kelly
   Daughter engaged TeachRequest for grade 10 science tutoring

How do I get started?

Our sign up process is quick, simple, and free! Just provide us with some basic information to start an account with TeachRequest. Learn our teacher's hourly rate by clicking on the "Rate Estimate" button, or get started right away by clicking the Free Sign Up button below.

Create a profile for your child by providing academic information and preferences, and we will get you on the way to matching with their perfect tutor!

How do I find a tutor for my child?


Simply submit a request through the TeachRequest web portal with your child's needs, scheduling preferences, and other logistical details. We will take care of the rest, and match you and your child with a suitable tutor typically within 48 hours!


At the first session, you will have the opportunity to assess the tutor and their teaching plan. If you are happy with the match, you can continue with recurring sessions. If you are unsatisfied for any reason during assessment, TeachRequest will find you a new match through our Good Fit Guarantee.


Your child will continue to meet with their TeachRequest tutor and work through their customized plans, on a schedule based on your child's needs and preferences. You can then sit back and watch your child improve and thrive academically with their tailored learning plans!

Frequently asked questions

TeachRequest genuinely believes in our mission of improving education for the next generation of leaders, through empowering highly-qualified teaching professionals to make learning experience more effective and enjoyable for students.

Many other tutoring companies teach at scale, and reuse the same teaching methods and plans for as many children as possible, regardless of personal learning needs, ability, and preferences. While these other companies are decent supplements for some students, their focus weighs more on cost and scalability than on individual success.

With TeachRequest, each student is guaranteed undivided attention and a customized learning plan created specifically for them, by their matched tutor. By focusing on personal development along with academic success, your child will be more likely to develop a genuine interest in learning. This helps your child develop better learning skills based on their individual needs and strengths, and allows your child to learn and grow at a pace that is best suited for them.

Our hope is to help foster long-term tutoring relationships, which makes the journey much more engaging and rewarding for passionate educators and hard-working students and parents.

TeachRequest applies a matching algorithm to identify potential tutors who would be a great match for your child based on a set of criteria including:

  • Your child’s grade level
  • The academic subject(s) for tutoring
  • Your child’s current school (to avoid conflict of interest)
  • Schedule
  • Specific location (our services are all limited to the greater Toronto area right now)
  • Other special needs, preferences, and requirements

TeachRequest provides private tutoring services in most major towns and cities in the Greater Toronto Area, including:

  • Toronto areas​:
    • Ajax
    • Central Toronto
    • Downtown Toronto
    • Etobicoke
    • North York
    • Pickering
    • Scarborough
  • York Region areas:
    • Aurora
    • King
    • Markham and Unionville
    • Newmarket
    • Richmond Hill
    • Thornhill
    • Vaughan, Maple, and Woodbridge
    • Whitchurch–Stouffville
  • Peel Region areas:
    • Brampton
    • Mississauga
  • Halton Region areas:
    • Burlington
    • Milton
    • Oakville

If you don’t see your location in this list, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

​We want to make sure you’re happy with your matched tutor! While all of our vetted tutors are experienced and certified teaching professionals, we understand that your matched tutor’s teaching style may not be the best fit. If you and/or your child are not completely satisfied with the matched tutor:

  1. Contact within 48 hours of completing the first session with your feedback and concerns.
  2. After your message is reviewed, we will create a new match based on your criteria and feedback, and waive your next tutoring session cost.

Our goal is to attempt to provide you with the best match possible to ensure your child’s academic success, so if there are any questions, issues, concerns, or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Once a student is matched with a tutor, we do our best to maintain this relationship as long as it remains a good fit for you and your child!

However, we cannot always guarantee this as there are some factors out of our control, such as the tutor’s availability (sickness for example) or contract with TeachRequest (if they decide to stop working with us for example). If something like this occurs, we will do our best to match you again with another tutor that will be a good fit for your child.

If your matched TeachRequest tutor is qualified to teach in those other subjects and have the additional availability, then absolutely! We want to ensure the best learning experience for you and your child, and if that means continuity in other subjects with a tutor whom they are succeeding with, then we will do our best to foster that relationship. 

However, if that particular tutor is not qualified to teach in those other subjects, we will match you with another tutor who would be a better fit. The way we can ensure that your child is getting the best supplemental education possible based on subject matter expertise.

We are cashless, and accept Visa and MasterCard. You can add your credit card information in your profile, and they are securely stored at our PCI Compliment payment processing company, Braintree, owned by Paypal. Much like using Uber and entering your credit card information in the Uber app, Uber also use Braintree as their payment processing company which securely stores Uber user’s credit card information on behalf of Uber. For more information, please visit Braintree.

Do you have more questions?

Click on the green chat button in the bottom right hand corner of your screen to chat with one of our team members! We want to make sure all of your questions are answered thoroughly!