Interactive and personalized online tutoring with Ontario Certified Teachers

TeachRequest is committed to work tirelessly to deliver the best learning experience to students despite challenging situations. Due to COVID-19, all schools are closed and our in-person tutoring service has been suspended until further notice for the safety of all. We understand that self-direct home schooling and e-learning may not be as effective as in-person learning. In response, we are delighted to announce our online one-on-one tutoring service as a great alternative. With our one-on-one online tutoring via an intuitive virtual classroom platform, surely your child will continue to receive great education in the safety and comfort at home.

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​Why choose TeachRequest online tutoring

  • Enjoy the same benefits as our in-person tutoring service with added flexibility
  • Matching the perfect tutor is easier than ever without physical constraint
  • Interactive online tutoring experience closely resembles in-person lessons
  • Excellent supplement to e-learning with one-on-one focus and personalized lessons
  • Maintain daily structure and routine of daily learning with help from a professional teacher

Virtual Classroom

​TeachRequest offers a virtual classroom experience as authentic as in-person collaborative sessions.

Here are some features of our virtual classroom:

Expansive collaborative tool set that lets teachers and students write, draw, talk, and review documents with annotation together in real-time

Work is instantaneously saved in virtual classroom for review later

​Share papers and homework easily using your mobile device as a secondary webcam

​Work with a wide range of devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones

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