Teacher Testimonials

Teacher Testimonials

"I have been teaching teenagers since I myself was a teen and have made it my career's life motto to ensure that each student of mine understands and believes that they can and they have the ability to succeed. For this reason of always putting students first, I've both walked away from lucrative teaching and tutoring jobs and have been very selective with the jobs that I do take. Having worked with TeachRequest for the past two years, and after working for dozens of institutions across Ontario and further afield, I can attest to the fact that TeachRequest is, above all, an organisation whose goal is much alike mine in respect to its focus on providing each of its learners with the help that they need to succeed. I have seen the care that goes into ensuring that students are understood, heard, and having their needs met so that their goals are achieved. Far from looking at students and their families as simply economic opportunities, TeachRequest looks at its clients as persons who are strongly committed to having their goals and dreams of their children / themselves fulfilled, and have entrusted that great responsibility to TeachRequest. I strongly believe that it is for this reason why TeachRequest has so many long term students that they work with.

As a career education professional, what matters to me in respect to employers is that they treat me fairness, that they are respectful of what I bring to the table, that they are approachable, that they value and make good use of feedback, and that they see their teachers as their biggest asset and their first customers. TeachRequest continuously checks off all the boxes in this respect.What is more, the platform used makes it a breeze to work with learners on various tasks.

Altogether, TeachRequest as a supplemental educational organisation is one that stands tall amongst the list of best tutoring support organisations across the GTA and beyond."


It has been a great opportunity working as a TeachRequest tutor. I feel supported whenever I am in need of assistance and I appreciate the efforts of the TeachRequest staff to maintain smooth communication among them, my students' parents, and myself. The custom web portal used during my online tutoring sessions has allowed me to better engage with my students. It is because TeachRequest does so much behind the scenes that I can focus my efforts on tutoring.


TeachRequest has exceeded my expectations as an educational platform. They not only value their tutors, but also the students they serve. The seamless communication and innovative tools make teaching a joy. It's a privilege to contribute to students' growth through TeachRequest.


TeachRequest has provided me with a fulfilling platform to share my passion for teaching. Their dedication to putting students first aligns perfectly with my own teaching philosophy. I appreciate their commitment to understanding students' needs and helping them succeed. As an education professional, I value fairness and respect from employers. TeachRequest not only treats me with fairness but also values my input and feedback. They see teachers as their greatest asset, and this approach fosters a positive working environment. TeachRequest's user-friendly platform has made tutoring an enjoyable and effective experience. I can easily engage with my students, and the support from TeachRequest staff is outstanding. I'm proud to be part of TeachRequest.