The Origin of TeachRequest and Our Mission in Education

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Welcome to the TeachRequest Blog! We created this blog to share helpful information and commentaries on the happenings in Ontario education with parents, as well as to bring awareness to our tutoring company, TeachRequest. With our first blog post, we want to share the story about our humble origin and our mission towards better education.

TeachRequest was founded by Anthony and Wilfred, both grew up in the GTA and worked to become typical productive members of society in the IT industry. However, not content with the status quo in both society and career, we decided to challenge ourselves with a goal that would contribute back to our community and take our careers in fulfilling directions. We embarked on a long journey, starting with idea generation.

A path to contribute back to our community through education

From coffee chats with colleagues to friend/family gatherings, we sought inspirations and validations from the daily life experience of those around us. Among those were parents and Ontario Certified Teachers (OCT) who shared their stories and struggles with us. Regrettably many teachers share similar sentiments towards their career prospects:

  • Teachers pursue a career path in education because of their passion and desire to benefit the society. Yet the journey is long and at times unsustainable in the face of reality, at times forcing them to give up their dream for more stability.
  • ​For those who worked their way up to become full-time teachers, constant government policy and budget changes impedes their ability to serve all students in need.

As for parents, they generally struggle between working towards better quality of life and spending enough time with their children at home. Students also don’t always get enough attention at school amid increasing class sizes and fewer resources.

Surely we can find a way to help, then it struck us that maybe we can help both teachers and parents/students by supporting and connecting them through tutoring. We vet out this idea and it became the core of our new venture.

The need to invest in the next generation

In the grander scheme of things, our future is at stake with an ever growing list of global issues, many of which unfortunately cannot be resolved in our current generation. As most would agree, the leaders of tomorrow are key to solving the toughest of these problems. We thus have an obligation to lead, nurture, and support children to take on such a monumental task starting at a young age.

While most of us are not as equipped as Bill and Melinda Gates, everyone can contribute in our own way towards this goal. We founded TeachRequest in hope to play our part, starting in the community we grew up in and love. Along the way, we are fortunate enough to have like minded friends Sam (OCT) and Winnie joining our cause.

Bridging the gaps to better education for our children

At TeachRequest, our mission is to connect students to teachers who can unlock their potential through individualized tutoring. While many tutoring models (group tutoring, online tutoring, etc.) exist, we recognize that tutoring face to face has the most profound impact on boosting student confidence and helping teachers take their achievements to new heights.

Through our tutoring service, all stakeholders (parents, students, tutors, and us) partake in a virtuous cycle that fuels our vision of better education for our future leaders. As TeachRequest grows, we hope to make our services more accessible through different education services and charity work.

Our road ahead

Looking back at the past year, we are grateful to be able to make a difference in the lives of many students and parents, with support from our excellent tutors. With our mission remains in sight, TeachRequest is moving full steam ahead into the new school year to help students succeed.If you and anyone you know are looking for a tutor in the GTA, please be sure to check out our Find a Tutor page for more information and contact us for assistance. We look forward to the opportunity to make a difference in your child’s success academically and beyond!

Be sure to check back later for more insightful articles, and drop us a message to let us know what type of content you’d like to see going forward.

 Thanks very much for reading and we at TeachRequest wish you a happy and safe summer!